Becoming an Instructor


Safe Driving for Life
Cool? Calm? Collected..?
You’re halfway there.


Teaching people  to drive has changed over the years. Gone are the days of slapping the dashboard for attention, frustrated instructors, and nervous drivers. It’s much more about being a mentor than telling people what to do.

Everyone’s got their own reasons for considering Driver Instruction as a career. For example, did you know there is currently a shortage of qualified driving instructors in the UK? You’ll have your own reasons but here are some of the great benefits to starting a new career in driver training.

  • Being your own boss

  • Meeting new people

  • Teaching skills for life

  • Job satisfaction

  • Personal achievement


Safe Driving for Life

Flexible working

Fully maintained tuition car (optional)

Work Locally

Job Security

Advance Your Career

Change of Career

Go2-Pic4-Copy (1).jpg
Got you thinking?
Sound like that might be for you? Well the good news is, it probably is. We’re here to help you on the journey towards becoming a qualified Driving Instructor. However, be under no illusion, it takes a lot of hard work, time and investment to get your ‘green badge’.
Have you got what we’re looking for?


  • Do you want to be your own boss?

  • Do you want to work hard and achieve financial success?

  • Do you have a calm and patient manner?

  • Are you a ‘people’ person?

  • Are you professional, organised and self-disciplined?


If you answered ‘YES’ to the above questions, then you’re on your way towards your green badge. You’re ready to take the next step to become a Driving Instructor. If you are excited about this opportunity to start your new career, then fill in the enquiry form to receive your information pack and lets have a chat.

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